How Much Does It Cost To Cancel A Flight With Air France?

This page explains the airline's cancellation policy in layman's terms. Before canceling another flight with Air France, make sure you read this article all the way to the conclusion to receive all the information you need.


Since 1933, Air France has been flying people in and out of the country with the best services. The airline tries its best to make sure that anyone traveling with them does not experience any discomfort during their journey. In fact, the airline staff is very polite and helpful. They are always at your service.

All the services that the airline provides are available online as well as offline. You can go to the website and read Air France Cancellation Policy or call the customer care services of the airline to cancel a pre-booked flight. 

This article discusses the cancelation policy of the airline in simpler terms for you. Make sure you read this piece till the end to get all the necessary information before canceling another flight booking with Air France. 

Air France Cancellation Policy

Under Air France Cancellation Policy, the below-mentioned terms are mentioned, which the airline applies on every airline ticket cancelation. Read the following points carefully and do not miss any detail. 

  • Canceling any Air France ticket within the first 24 hours of the flight ticket is free. The airline does not charge any fee on bookings made a week before the departure date and are canceled within the given time frame. 
  • If the airline delays a flight for more than 3 hours or cancels one because of a bad weather issue, technical glitch, or any other reason, you can claim a complete refund. The airline will credit your money back to your account within a few working days.  You can also choose to get a free seat on their next flight. 
  • In case you fail to cancel a flight within 24 hours, then the airline will charge you a cancelation fee. The fee varies between $100-$500. The exact amount depends on the fare type, your flight route, and other reservation-related information. 
  • The airline will try to return your money as soon as possible. Usually, the refund process takes 7-10 working days. In case you do not receive the refund still then, call the customer care services of the airline and ask for an update. 

If you still have questions about the Air France cancellation policy, contact the customer care team of the airline, and they will guide you throughout the process.


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