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Writing isn’t an easy task at all. And, there is a lot of competition, it becomes so difficult to become at the top. A number of authors write in different languages as per their audience, but only few become Top Indian Writers in English.


There are a number of native Indian authors who are considered as best due to their popularity and number of bestsellers.There are still some hidden Indian writers in English who are like gems, but are hidden. To uncover them, we have researched and written a blog on top Indian writers in English who are best when it comes to captivating the readers. 


These authors not only write in a particular genre but also write out of the box. Like, Preeti Shenoy who writes mostly in Romantic Genre whereas Ravider Singh writes in different categories as well. 


Also, not only native writers write for Indian readers, but foreigners also serve the Indian Writer In English audience. Because our audience is very diverse and reads in a number of categories. And, yes the numbers of the Indian population is a bit higher as compared to the rest of the world. 


Preparing a list of top Indian authors is a kind of a tidy task, but not impossible. For preparing this blog, we have done extensive research on most of the Indian authors and their work, and thereafter prepared this list. We have gone through their social media profiles to find more inside stories. And, yes we have found the best writers that are ace in their genre. You can go through the list by following the link given below. We have to do more research on each topic related to books that we post on Booksloveme. You can check out other book reviews as well.


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