EA is reiterating the details of its commitment to Madden

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Despite rumors that circulated the internet earlier in the week, EA has not yet decided to release two updates for Madden the franchise mode of 22. EA is reiterating the details of its commitment to Madden as a live service game.

In a statement issued today, EA Sports told IGN:

We do not want to comment on rumors or speculation; however, we are committed to continuing to improve Franchise as feature of our Madden NFL 22 live service and beyond. This includes two forthcoming Franchise update that will be released during Madden NFL 22. We'll provide more details on the updates in the new year.

The announcement follows a report by Sports Gamers Online that EA has decided to stop any further update updates to the franchise modes for Madden 22. It partly cited IGN's own video interview of Madden 22 executive producer Seann Graddy. The executive producer said that the roadmap for content for the year ahead is "slightly smaller than the ones of years in the past" because the team is focused on a handful of key areas rather than trying to release games on the same scale as Superstar KO, a well-received arcade mode introduced during Madden 20.

"I believe that the roadmap is] cheap madden coins perhaps a bit less ambitious than years past since we're focusing on a handful of core elements within Madden 22 and also getting started up on Madden 23 in a big way," Graddy said at the time. "So I'm sticking to what we've always said the last couple of years that we're a live service and we'll continue to improve our game but not planning to talk about a new mode."