NEW FEELING Clothing Manufacturing Factory Specialises in Individualised Clothing

Wholesale Sexy Dresses from Clothing online shop. With the largest supply chain in southern China, NEW FEELING provides one-stop-shop services covering all your manufacturing, customization and shipping needs.


As a Wholesale Clothes Factory, our priority is delivering quality products to all of our valued customers across the world. Specialising in womens fashion and dresses in particular, our speciality is enabling every woman to feel like a Queen. Do you desire to feel confident and sexy, comfortable and outgoing? Our fashionable dresses enable you to feel just that.

Wholesale Plus Size Dresses

Having been in business over 21 years, we are dedicated and trained to providing the very best for our customers. With over 24 order processing workers and 160 new designs each week, our team is dedicated to serving you. Providing clothing to people all around the world our wholesale clothing factory specialises in delivering unique and individualised items of clothing.

Wholesale Floral Dresses

As a factory with over 8000 new designs each year in mass Wholesale Dresses production, we sell more than 10 million pieces of clothing each year. Fashionable dresses are one our specialities and is something that we prioritise when it comes to everything that we make, trade and sell. Dresses are one of our main products alongside creating skirts, jumpsuits, tshirts, blouses, vests, coats, jeans and pants.

Specialising in items of clothing that are specific to women’s fashion, our dresses make a statement and enable every woman to feel like a queen. As a wholesale factory, we sell items in bulk for a more than reasonable price ensuring that our designs are accessible to every customer. The retailers that we partner with speak highly of the designs and fabrics that we produce and deliver.

Wholesale Plus Size Dresses

Located 10 minutes away from the world’s largest fabric market, the fabrics that go into our designs are premium and unique and enable us to create beautiful and individualised fashionable dresses for women. Our factory is committed to serving our clients and customers and delivering the very best for every individual.

Our Wholesale Floral Dresses line and production ensures that women all across the globe are cared for and catered for with every piece of fabric and every item of clothing. We work hard to deliver premium products so that you don’t have to. Everything you desire is delivered straight to your door whether close to us or across the globe. Our clothing factory is of premium quality and delivers the very best. Our staff care about you and desire to see you shine in everything that you wear.