Carestream OPG Machine

Dentalprod presents thenewCS 8200 3D, another group of all over, 2D/3D extraoral imaging frameworks.

With its drawn out volume size, state of the art innovation, minimized size and unrivaled simplicity of activity, the CS 8200 3D supplements the broad Carestream Dental scope of extraoral frameworks. We have best availability for carestream opg machine


A demonstrated and adaptable CBCT framework including a lengthy field of view that is great for rehearses who need to grow their treatment abilities. Fueled via Carestreams premium imaging innovations and programming, the CS 8200 3D conveys sublime picture quality in all modalities and separates your training by offering more in-office administrations.


Benefits initially


  • Up to six selectable fields of viewcover each indicative need, from routine to particular dental tests. The CS 8200 3D addresses the issues of works on putting inserts and doing oral medical procedure, orthodontics, periodontics and endodontics.
  • Multi-useful imaging framework mixes 2D all encompassing innovation and CBCT imaging and 3D model filtering to make one strong unit that can be moved up to incorporate cephalometric imaging.2
  • Selective MAR1 innovation naturally lessens metal curios for better picture quality, empowering clients to contrast pictures live - and without channels - for more sure determinations.
  • Tomosharp innovation conveys super sharp pictures easily.
  • Low-portion mode permits professionals to understand the "as low as in all actuality feasible" (ALARA) standard for 3D imaging.
  • A simple to utilize and natural work process got from the CS 8100 3D family
  • Two setups upgradable to cephalometric imaging:
  • CS 8200 3D (up to 8cm x 9 cmFoV)
  • CS 8200 3D 12x10 Edition (up to 12cm x 10cm FoV)