Pricing of Services for Writing Graduation Projects to Order

Pricing of Services for Writing Graduation Projects to Order


Recently, students are increasingly resorting to the services of specialists involved in writing educational and scientific papers. This method of preparing a study saves time, but directly affects the finances of the customer. What determines the cost of graduation projects to order? Among the main factors are:




The implementation of the WRC in technical subjects requires special preparation, analytical and advisory parts with the inclusion of diagrams, drawings and other graphic materials. Items in this direction do not tolerate errors and errors, so their cost is much higher. Jurisprudence is considered no less complicated: it is very difficult to reformulate laws, taking into account the preservation of the main idea.


Topic of the assignment


This factor directly affects the pricing policy in the field of custom-made graduation projects. A light topic is much cheaper for students than ornate and loud headlines that require special attention, search for additional sources of information, calculations, drawings, etc.


Workload requirements


In order for the graduation project to pass the normative control, it is important to comply with the conditions and requirements that are reflected in the methodological recommendations. One of these important postulates is the scope of the study. This criterion depends on the university, direction of activity. On average, a graduation project takes about 60-100 pages of typewritten text. In this case, it is necessary to find a "golden mean": the minimum volume of the WRC does not always allow to fully reveal the topic, and the excess of information is sometimes difficult to fit within the specified limits.


Access to information sources


A mandatory requirement for resources is reliability and validity. To make sure that the information found complies with these principles, it is necessary to compare the same theory from different sources. If there are no contradictions, then the information is reliable and justified. There are situations when students choose little-known and poorly studied issues, which causes a shortage of literature. This greatly complicates the process of writing the WRC, which, in turn, increases the cost of the order.


Order fulfillment time


As the proverb says, “time is money”. The shorter the term for the completion of the graduation project, the more expensive it will cost the customer. It is better to order work in advance. Such a trip will save up to 30% of the total cost of the order. Remember, if you turn to the contractor at the "last moment", then he is forced to sacrifice his personal life, deeds and plans in order to complete the study in a timely and high-quality manner. Such sacrifices will be well paid.


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