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The most common reason a person will search for a video game wholesaler is because they want to buy cheap games. This could be because they  สล็อต168 want to save money, or because they want to start a video game business. Either way, it's important to understand what a wholesaler does.


Game developers spend money designing and testing graphics and software. They have to cover the salaries of the programmers, and any benefits that the testers receive. They may also have to pay for servers if the game features online play. However, after the final software is decided on, most of the work is done.


The costs of writing the software to a disc and packaging it is relatively small. Because of this, wholesalers can receive bulk quantities of games at low prices. Retailers (like Best Buy and Amazon) buy their stock from wholesalers at about half of the retail price. This means that retailers are making 80-100% profit on each sale of a given title.


The goal of many people is to take the place of the retailer. Doing this would allow you to start a very profitable gaming business by buying from wholesalers and selling games for a high profit. In fact, starting a video game business on eBay is a great way to make money.


To summarize, video game wholesalers are the "middle man" between the developers and the stores. Buying the games directly from wholesalers is a great way to save money or make money by starting a video game business.