Go around and climb the next flight of stairs

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Return to the staircase and climb up to Elden Ring Runes the platform on the top. Invaders will firebomb you in order to light the barrels near the top of stairs. So, roll backwards prior to the blast's explosion, then run up the stairs and eliminate both of guards before they blast you with more explosives. On this platform you will have a locked door which we aren't allowed to use in the near future, but we can look just to the right of doors to find the Throwing Dagger x5.

Go around and climb the next flight of stairs. You are in a room with an Smoldering Butterfly 3 and even more explosive barrels to dodge. Kill the enemy in front of you, then smash the debris behind and you will be able to see another set staircases. Kill those who are at just the summit of stairs. drop down to grab the Golden Rune [2] on the platform below you.

You can go back up the stairs and open the door on the right of the top platform. Entering this room will trigger an animation where the door is closed behind your back, sealing you in with the black knight. The knight has a big shield, but his slow movement makes him very vulnerable to backstabs. Be cautious, however. There's a good chance he'll make use of their Ashes of War Storm Stop skill to summon a gust that can do serious damage, even if you're playing a highly armored character.Once the knight has been killed, you'll be able to explore the area and take and take the Rusty Key and Curved Sword Talisman.

Return to the platform using the locked door, but don't turn in the key right now. Instead, search for the big hole in the wall that lies to the left just to the left of the door. You can jump up into the hole into the wall. You will find St. Trina's Arrow x10. Take aim at the enemy below and then execute them using an attacking fall. Beware of cheap Elden Ring Items another spear-wielding opponent on your left who can swat you with bombs and a fourth who will climb onto the ladder near from the very top of the ladder. After all enemies have been dispatched climb the ladder and enter the room again through the hole in the wall at the top.