A team made of record-breaking members.

The player who played the most games.


The kind of people that we surround ourselves with determines a lot about our life. The quality and quantity both matter in such aspects. 


This can be seen in all sectors. Form technical to non-technical. The value of influence runs up in the higher ranks as well. 


A fantastic example of this process can be any team. Team spirit is something that is required for any set of people to progress in their path and achieve a goal. 


Sports teams are one example that turns out to be the best. They have to work together in a way that the team wins and each player advances. 


We are going to talk about a team that can be regarded as the best example to explain this scenario in a practical sense.


It is the Chicago Cubs team. A team that has been around for many decades and has been performing consistently well.


The Chicago Cubs Sweatshirt is a symbol of support and love. People buy them and wear them during any game or baseball ceremony. 


They have given the world some of the best players of all time. From hack Wilson to Sammy Sosa, these names are written in golden letters in history. 


The records that have been made by them are not only their own identity but also of the team.