With an ever increasing focus on renewable energy resources coupled with relatively recent advancements made in green energy technology, it is easier than ever to start living the green home dream. A green energy home allows the owner to use renewable resources that  boiler installations provide electricity to meet most if not all the power needs of a family.


There are numerous ways to begin implementing a green home energy plan including solar, wind, and water with the most popular being solar energy. An advantage of a solar energy system is that it is very scalable. It can be made small enough to heat and store hot water or made large enough to power all the power needs for a typical 4or more person family.


Purchasing alternative energy systems and having them professionally installed can be quite pricey in terms of the initial investment. However, there are abundant resources available that would enable you to build and design your own alternative energy system for $100's if not $1000's less provided you have some spare time and enjoy DIY projects.


If building a new home, implementing a green home energy plan during the initial design and subsequent build stage is a lot easier than after the home is built. By taking advantage of having a building "footprint" that utilizes south facing sides provide for the best orientation for heating and cooling. Installing high-efficiency windows and heat retentive stone and brick allows you to take advantage of proven passive solar energy techniques.


Another excellent complement in a green energy home is being able to use wind energy via a windmill. Similar to solar panels, windmills can be installed on roofs, patios, or virtually any other open area. And just like solar panels they are quiet, efficient, and pollution free way of producing electricity. Again like solar, there are numerous kits available for the DIY'ers to integrate into their green energy home plan.


If you have a river or a stream that runs through your property, you may also be able to integrate a hydroelectric generator into your green energy plan to boiler installations produce power. As long as the water is flowing you will have power.


Homeowners who use these renewable resource technologies will soon realize that it really does not require that much more maintenance than a non-green home. Solar systems have no moving parts thus are virtually maintenance free. Wind and water turbines only require minimal maintenance usually in the form of a regular oiling to maintain peak performance.


Obviously living the green home dream would be able to utilize all 3 of the resources that we have touched upon. By using all 3 renewable resources, you will not only experience tremendous savings and possible income from your electrical usage but you also can say that you are doing your part in being a good steward of the planet's resources.