You see a taxi everyday on the streets, don't you? You need them because they offer quick transportation and are affordable too. But, you might not be aware of few rules or laws which were set to improve taxi service.


Check our list of interesting taxi laws that you probably did not know.


    Are you being irritated by the tape of cab you are riding? Well, you have good news then. It is against the law if the cab driver plays a tape or a radio without your permission.


    Have you ever seen a taxi driver in an untidy dress? You haven't, have you? It's because a cab driver is not allowed to wear clothes with stains, holes or tears.


    Every taxi is equipped with G.P.S. or other similar devices Taxis esher  for easy navigation. But, that was not enough for the law makers. Every cab driver must possess a city map even if his taxi has G.P.S.


    Do not forget to book your cab. If you book your cab for a ride, you are connected with the cab company which keeps you away from being a victim of robbery, assault or even rape by the cab driver. Sometimes unethical drivers may take advantage. Be aware.


    Have you ever seen a taxi driver smoking inside the taxi when a passenger is on board? You probably haven't. It is strictly against the law to use tobacco or smoke when passengers are inside the cab.


    Did you forget your belongings inside the cab you rode? Don't worry. Every cab company should have a lost and found service. Contact them as soon as possible. But, was the taxi booked? If not, the cab company may fail to offer the service.


    Have you ever noticed a taxi driver working more than 12 hours a day? No? You might be surprised to know that a cab driver is not allowed to ride a taxi more than 12 hours a day and 72 hours a week.


    It is really difficult to be a licensed taxi driver. You must join a class to learn conversational English, taxi driver's etiquette and geography of the city to be a licensed cab driver in New York.


    If you live in London, you probably have heard about a course called 'The Knowledge'. For those who have not heard of this, 'The Knowledge' is a three years testing process that every driver should undergo to be licensed London taxi driver.


    The windows and windshields of a taxicab should be shatterproof. It prevents you from getting seriously injured during accidents.