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CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is an engineering document that is mandatory for aspirants who want to migrate to a foreign country. It is a technical document, which is necessary for engineering aspirants for Australian immigration. Writing an impactful CDR has always been a challenge for candidates as it requires lots of effort, understanding, and time. Engineers need to demonstrate their engineering skills, knowledge, and experience through their CDR. EA (Engineers Australia) assesses the competency reports of engineering candidates to get the most suitable candidates for each occupational category. So, it is important for aspirants to make an effective and impactful CDR.

We at CDRAustralia.Org understand how candidates feel difficulty writing their CDR. That is why we deliver CDR Services In UAE For Engineers Australia. We offer CDR services with an aim to assist all candidates in getting their dream come true. We have a dedicated team of brilliant CDR Writers In Dubai to write the competency reports of engineering aspirants.

How To Write A CDR Perfectly And As Per MSA Guidelines

A CDR determines the future of many engineering aspirants. So it is very crucial for aspirants to write an effective competency report. EA only selects candidates who fulfill all the required competence and abilities in the nominated category. You must follow the below step to write an effective CDR:

  • Before you begin, you must read the MSA guidelines carefully, so that you can be well aware of them.
  • You must follow Australian Standard English to write your entire competency report.
  • You must write a CDR in the first person singular pronoun and active voice form.
  • A CDR comprises three components and you need to write all in an effective manner.
  • You must write three career episodes and each career episode should demonstrate your different aspects of engineering activity.
  • You need to include all relevant CPD in your CDR application and must provide CPD in a tabular form.
  • In the end, you need to provide a summary statement that shows the analysis report of career episodes.
  • You need to keep all your documents ready along with a CDR for Engineers Australia
  • Your competency report must be error and plagiarism-free.

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