The story of good form and bad form

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We all have come across the terms, “Good form” and “Bad form”. Many might already be familiar with it. Even if you aren’t the word itself can help in understanding what it means. 


To put it simply, when a player is performing well on the field, they are said to be in a good form. But when they are unable to deliver well, it is determined as a bad form.


This is applied to all game formats. No matter what they are. Chicago Cubs is a baseball team. Eben in this game people uses the mentioned terms. 


There comes a time when a player is unable to perform well during their career. Everyone has this period. 


No specific reason has been mentioned for this time but someone's reasons can be an injury, overworking, lack of practice, etc. It can be anything!


This turns bad when it happens during a major match or game season. Everyone is ready to criticize the sportsperson.


But during this time, one should stay calm and wait for the period to pass. We need to rest at regular intervals so that our mind., body and soul can replenish.