How to Choose a Backpack For An Event: Material, Type, & Sizes

If you're considering a bulk backpack order for your next event, you need to take more than backpack size into consideration.


Backpacks aren't one-size-cooler bags wholesalers fits-all. If you're considering a bulk backpack order for your next event, you need to take more than backpack size into consideration. But with the number of backpacks on the market today, how do you know which one to choose? After all, you don't want to end up in a situation where you buy a bulk order of custom-printed lunch bags wholesalers only to find that you've gotten the wrong type.

How To Choose a Backpack: wine bags wholesalers Types
If you're planning your next event and wondering "what kind of backpack should I get?", then the first step is to get acquainted with some of the different types of backpacks. Here are some common types of backpacks that you can include in your next company event as part of a prize draw or in swag bags for attendees: Computer Backpacks, Drawstring Backpacks, cosmetic bags wholesalers, Customized Backpacks, Sports Backpacks, Fashionable Backpacks, Cooler Backpacks.

The type of backpack you select for your toiletry bags wholesalers event depends on whether you want people to use the backpack at the event itself or if you want to give people the backpack as a souvenir to commemorate the event.

An example of a promotional bags wholesalers you could use during an event would be a hiking backpack. Hiking backpacks are a great option for team-building trips or summits where hiking will be one of the activities. Plus, employees could use them for future hiking and wilderness trips.

Customized bags are great souvenirs after a conference or company event such as a 10-year anniversary. These bags are perfect for corporate gifting, which can help increase employee morale and help employees feel more valued. If you're on a budget and you fanny pack have a mid-size or large company, then consider drawstring bags. These are a nice way to commemorate your company event and you'll be able to give one bag to each person. Plus, employees will enjoy how lightweight these bags are.

Backpack Sizes
The next step in determining which bicycle bags wholesalers to order is learning how to choose backpack size. Backpack sizes are often measured in liters. Many backpack stores also describe their backpack size in inches, including height, width, and depth. If you're unsure of which sizes to get, consider offering employees a size guide and a survey so that they can let you know. This way, you'll know how many of each size you need when you place your bulk order.

If you're wondering how to choose a backpacking pack, such as for a multi-day hiking trip, you'll want a larger backpack (such as 35-50 liters) to hold each person's change of clothes, water bottles, food, and any camping equipment. If you're wondering "what size pack do I need?" for custom company pet bags for cats, then a regular-sized backpack (such as 20-30 liters) would be best. This way, you give your employees a backpack they can use every day.

Many backpacks these days have laptop golf ball pouch bag pockets, which will make it more convenient for your employees to use the backpack for work. Best of all, you can get a branded backpack with your company logo on it to boost everyone's sense of belonging within the company.